The News

Forgot where I got this; but, its so true

They say, “Too much of our impression of the world comes from a misleading formula of journalistic narration. Reporters give lavish coverage to gun bursts, explosions, and viral videos, oblivious to how representative they are and apparently innocent of the fact that many were contrived as journalist bait. Then come sound bites from “experts” with vested interests in maximizing the impression of mayhem: generals, politicians, security officials, moral activists. The talking heads on cable news filibuster about the event, desperately hoping to avoid dead air. Newspaper columnists instruct their readers on what emotions to feel. There is a better way to
understand the world. … An evidence-based mindset on the state of the world would bring many benefits.”

Don’t be a gullible or a low informed voter, or overly emotional or overly ideological, or apt to vote based on a sound bite or two.

Wake up on election day and take a truthful look in the mirror and if you are any of those things, don’t vote.