Sheppard ST Water Pressure

The property at Sheppard street is in Town of Watertown. The general area of her house is abutted on 3 sides by City of Watertown properties. Most of the properties in this part of the Town of Watertown report poor water pressure. I do not think anyone knows if the problem has been tracked back to the source. I don’t know if the Town of Watertown has an open problem report. I don’t know how the City and Town work together in this area. My feeling is, the officials just ignore the t problems. It is not a lot of people. A number of people with good skills have looked at the problem; however, I do not know if anyone took a comprehensive look, or looked for where the source of the problem starts and what could be done about that. It is Veranne’s house. She is the decision maker. A number of people have suggested digging a well. I, Gary, am just trying to help. If it were me, I would be open to a multi prong solution. I do not think she has 10 psi


Go to Town of Watertown Offices and see what plans they have, and generally see if they can be nudged in the direction of providing or helping to provide a solution.

Survey the surrounding properties and do a map of where the pressure is bad and where is good. Track back to find a source of the problem.

Put in a neighborhood water tank? or well? or ??

Make adjustments and additions to Veranne’s plumbing to increase her pressure in the house

Gary’s notes on purchasing something to help with the water pressure.

Adjusting the Municipal Supply Line Pressure Regulator.

 3/4-in. or bigger

If your water department can’t deliver more pressure and you have a 3/4-in. or bigger copper or plastic water main coming into your house, consider installing a water pressure booster.

When was the last time a plumber checked out your house?

Check for Clogged Pipes

Check the Pressure Regulators (Municipal Supply Line Pressure Regulator?)

Check for Leaks in the Plumbing System

Check Hot Water Heater

I see Water Booster Pumps

Can they work with a storage tank?

I found this thing form a This Old House Video

The Tech Rep says:

Our most forgiving unit for functionality and boosting is the RP-10HP.

It requires a ¾ inlet from the water meter.

A minimum of 10 psi water pressure.

And an minimum of 10 gallons per minute flow.

To qualify you would need to fill a 5 gallon bucket in 30 seconds or less.

Grunfos or Franklin options.

Maybe they have a unit that supports low flow rate.

I don’t think she has 10 PSI

This is Gary Johnson in Boston, texting about my sister’s place at 20710 Shepard Street, Watertown New York.

She has Terrible water pressure. I wanted a plumber to do a review of her house to see what kind of work she needed done, to raise water pressure and also any recommended maintenance.

I see most of your recommendations are primarily well drillers.

Do you have any plumbers in Upstate New York that you can recommend?

And, if you can work it out with my sister, the work can be done any time in the next couple of months

Veranne Johnson

20710 Shepard St

Watertown, NY 13601-5428

Maybe 150 yards from the intersection of route 12 and State Street


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