Notes on High Efficiency Washers

They save a lot of money on soap and such.  They are very good for high tech, synthetic blends.  They are not so good for jeans, T shirts and permanent press.

  • Use HE detergent
  • Remove promptly and shake out wrinkles
  • Use low spin
  • Balance and do not overload
  • Don’t mix heavy and light articles
  • Don’t pack
  • Warm water helps relax wrinkles
  • No Eco Boost (uses lower temp water)
  • No Clean Boost (adds time )
  • Use Fabric Softener when possible

Fabric softener softens thick material such as denim and leaves a lasting scent
If used incorrectly, fabric softener can cause stains on white and light-colored clothing
Fabric softener does not work well on all fabrics
For example, fabric softener can cause towels to become too soft, which will make them less absorbent

  • Most pre-treat products are still normal to high sudsing and their use should be limited in HE washers
  • HE detergents can be used as a presoak or pre-treater
  • Leave lid open, this reduces mucky smell
  • Do  a clean washer cycle if it smells or do a hot wash with bleach


A nice Video on how they work