I was a proud user and supporter of Firefox, until the day after Brendan Eich choose to resign 

A good man spends 15 + years helping to make one of the most progressive organizations on the planet.

A BUNCH of morons attack him because he made a political contribution.

Meanwhile, the Republican party, the Mormon Church and the idiots at Fox news are laughing their asses off.

Attacking the wrong people for whatever reason is REALLY STUPID.

I do not condone discrimination, I do not agree with Eich on this issue.   I have learned not to judge harshly and to keep an open mind.  I am pretty sure some of the Saints, were not without faults.   Whatever Mr Eich’s personal beliefs were, his professional conduct was never in question.  His contributions to making the internet a free and open place are incalculable.  I would take one Brendan Eich over a hundred Mark Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobs or  Larry Ellisions.

The MORONS did not understand that by attacking Eich, they were in fact hurting one of the organization’s that support their cause. 






Especially the hissy viscous and petty
Especially the hissy, viscous and petty