About Gary

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Business Card

Yes, I am available for hire:

Technical writing
Web development, from consultations to bug fixing to complete projects
Training and instruction
Research and Analysis

I am a:

Referee, Agent of Change, Facilitator, Communicator
Technology Consultant, Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Web Application Developer,
Manager and individual contributor

I solve ambiguous problems with conflicting goals and demands

My career has mostly been doing work others won’t or can’t do.

Machiavelli on New Systems

As a project manager:
I handled multiple engagements for a large accounting firm
CTO of a nationwide automobile agency startup
Handled numerous ETL projects on IBM mainframes

As a software engineer I wrote APIS (middleware) and maintained an ODBC driver and wrote tools and unities.
C, C++ and APIs, libraries, OOP, Procedural, Internationalization, Charsets (utf, iso, windows), ODBC, DLLs, an Email Gateway

As a full stack web developer (since 2000) my experience includes:

CSS (CSS3, Responsive, Bootstrap 2 & 3) HTML, DHTML
JavaScript, jQuery, other JavaScript libraries, plugins, JSON, XML, AJAX
HTML5 offline web apps, document editing, local storage, file api, geolocation, web audio, Canvas
Apache and other web servers
Linux and other operating systems
MySQL and other databases
PHP (PDO, PEAR, SPL) MVC frameworks, Codeigniter, WordPress
Scripting (BASH, PERL, Python, VBA, Powershell), shell scripts, bat files, cmd files, C programs, make files, etc to automate lots of tasks
Amazon Payments
Ebay Inventory
Google Maps and Store Finder

Whatever libraries, addons, plugins, or requirements that are necessary.

At one point I was a pretty advanced user of Visual Studio and the MSDN.
I have signed macros, stylesheets and advanced customizations for Microsoft Word (and Libre Office).
I built my last 2 desktop computers, it was fun.

Resumes, Recommendations, Online Profiles, Links to example projects and more may be found at:


I have done consulting at Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank Bath Iron Works, John Hancock and a host of other companies.
I work with auditors and accountants, graphic artists and designers, small business owners and other professionals.


On the client side I use:
Ultraedit and Notepad++
addons and macros and scripting capabilities
template and tag lists for code insertion
project files
CSE HTML validator
JSmin minifier
other code analyzers and prettifiers depending on the jobs needs (Artistic Style etc)

Firebug etc.
Mozilla Firefox Build Tools
Visual C++ 2010 Express
Google Chrome Canary
Bitnami stacks on Windows

on the VirtualBox / Server / Linux side:

SQL scripts
Geany, jEdit
goggle webmaster tools
Cpanel, webmin


I am a hashtag #gmgj

Pick 2

Pick 2

I use GMGJ as my middle name


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