Making a Video while walking using a Smartphone


I am trying this rig.  I cut holes on the side of my smartphone case, looped some fishing line through it so I could attach a camera strap.

example of Gary using the rig

Landscape mode, no zoom

Wear Sneakers / comfortable shoes

You must teach your mind to coordinate body movements (Kinesthetic Memory).
Learn to walk without moving your upper body up and down, side to side, or with any changes in forward speed at all.
Pick a line and walk towards it, make that line level and smooth, walk slow
Heel to toe, roll on foot
Walking heel to toe in a smooth, flowing motion helps to keep your body stable.
Take small steps
Stop with the weight on one foot.
Distribute weight from heel to toe.
Walk with wide open feet (side to side bouncing).

Walk smoothly, like Groucho Marx  in a partial squat, with his knees bent and flexed. Use your leg muscles to absorb all shock.

Do not walking sideways.

Keep both arms in.
Hold both elbows near your chest. This helps create a solid platform for your camcorder, and helps prevent the accidental tilting of the camera that can occur with your arms extended away from your body.
Keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle to help with controlling the rig.

Use a Winsock
Start 2 seconds before shot

Before you pan (pivot horizontally), pre-select your start and finish compositions and plant your feet facing exactly midway between them. Twist only your upper body to frame the opening of the shot and then swivel smoothly to the end position.

When panning and/or tilting, plan a beginning and an ending before you shoot

More high tech gadgets out or coming:

search for smartphone gimbal

or zhiyun smooth q gimbal at around &150 shown in this video:

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