Computer Problems?

“Did you try turning it off and on again?” – The IT Crowd

Clear Cache
Bless Device
Caress Device
Shutdown and Power Off Device
Do the Dance of the Backward Bits
Cross Every Finger
Stroke Your Lucky talisman
Stand on One Foot and Rub Your Belly
Swing a rubber chicken over your head 3 times
Turn on Device
Uncross and then Recross Every Finger
Say : Good Computer, Nice Computer, Please Help Me Wondrous Machine
Try it again
Really folks, blow the dust out, try a different cable, try a different computer, reboot, unplug it, try a few simple things first.



Windows 10 fix a mis behaving program or app.

If I don’t say turn it off and on, clean browser cache and run disk cleanup, the computer gods will turn on me, next.

1) Always good to do a quick virus and malware scan

2) Scan the app giving problem (Custom scan pick the install directory)

3) SFC – System File Check is next

This is official page, but, it appears to be wrong

Skip this
Enter DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth (note the space before each “/”). (Note: This step may take a few minutes to start and up to 30 minutes to run and complete.)
Do this

Usually, right click start, command prompt(admin) sfc / scannow


4) if the above does not fix it, uninstall and reinstall app

5) if that does not fix it, replace app with similar app

6) if that does not fix it, go to bank, get 10 million, give to gary, he will fix it

7) if having other problems on this machine, full malware and virus scan

8) If no still no luck, Restore to a prior version



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