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“The maxim, “Nothing prevails but perfection,” may be spelled PARALYSIS.” Winston Churchill

“A simple idea underpins science: ‘trust, but verify’.
In Dilbert’s immortal words, marketing is “Just liquor and guessing”. ;-)


5 thoughts on “Home Office

  1. GARY
    saw your DELL post on 3650 second HHD
    I wrote what I did here. I got the bracket for a 2.5 drive and they ended up sending me the same cable they use for the primary, for my secondary. Good Luck. If you use a splitter, make sure it has got at least on long leg to the hard drive sata power connector cable. I think the splitter shown previously in this thread would be short, or at least a pain

    the link to the instructions is broken – any chance you still have it available.
    JIM (VA)

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