The 5 stages of working with legal xml with derivation, extensions, and substitution groups

1) Denial – This is a temporary response that carries us through the first phase of pain.

2) Anger – I know a really good use for a guided missile.

3) Bargaining – 30,000 namespaces is not that bad.

4) Depression – Drinking liquor straight from the bottle.

5) Acceptance – This is not a period of happiness, but it is distinguished from depression mainly by the cessation of drinking straight from the bottle. The overriding sentiment is, “After all, it’s fitting the process of submitting legalese be codified in a thoroughly obtuse, dense and perverse manner.”

If there was a law against violating Grice’s Maxims on Information ( the judgement would be swift.

Validating XML with substitution groups is like:

Doing a complicated jigsaw puzzle
In the back of a pick up truck
Going 40 miles and hour over a bumpy road