NHP provides regular preventive care: the BMI

NHP covers:

Well visits, regular preventive care (medical history and physical examination) including
blood pressure screening, height, weight, and body mass index (BMI).

Really! Isn’t that special!

Yup, the will weight and measure me, and then, do the division!
Google “the BMI is bullshit”.

Fun fact: Tom Brady is obese according to the BMI.

BTW, they do not define what a physical exam is, or what it covers.

Here is an example of the information they provide: PreventiveServicesList

The plan summary: SBC_PrimeHMO_PD_10002000_2035_5-Low-Cost-Generic-Rx

The plan detail: NHP_Prime_HMO_PD_10002000_2035_(11067-0714-00)_SOB

After reading the above; how many people would understand what tests are not covered as part of a physical exam?  Probably none.  I can’t find it.

See this for more info on what its like to try and understand what they cover