16 color print test PDF for 4 color Inkjets – Cyan Yellow Magenta Black

Save Ink,  Download and Print this (Print to Fit, uncheck print in grayscale),

Look closely at which of the primary colors (Cyan Yellow Magenta and Black) is off, change that cartridge


This s preview


Its also a crude way to check for color correctness

CMY * colors are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and are the inks mixed by printers to create all the other colors.
RGB ~ colors are Red, Green and Blue and are colors mixed by computer displays to create all the other colors.
{The named color lime represented by #00ff000 is the green in RGB}

From the article I wrote on Color Management

This is a MUCH Better Approach to Color Management

I am experimenting with this: https://www.xrite.com/categories/calibration-profiling/colormunki-smile You can find it for less at a number of sites. x-rite makes it pretty clear this is not a solution for professionals. I hope they come out with a new version that incorporates gamma correction etc and makes it a little easier for the novice to understand. They show you a before and after image that is not much help. My little chart looked more accurate after calibration. I have 2 monitors. I use a teal background. I still have 2 different shades of teal, but, it’s closer.