Swimming Experience

TSS (The Short Story)

I have taught swimming classes with over 2,000 unique attendees.
I have taught kids 8 years old and up.
I was a competitive swimmer for 7 years.
I was a life guard.
I was certified to teach Life Saving.

I have spent thousands and thousands of hours in the water. I am a very strong swimmer. I am writing this as part of my applications to volunteer for swimming related duties.

Summary of Experience

Summer of 1962 (9 years old)

  • took swimming lessons
  • taught younger brothers age 8 and 7 how to swim
  • every day in the water

Fall of 1963 (age 10):

  • joined YMCA
  • joined YMCA Swim Team
  • became YMCA Junior Leader

The yearly “Learn to Swim Campaign” – Easter Week – for all of Jefferson County, NY

The Watertown YMCA offered free swimming lessons for all the school kids in the county.  Busloads of students from various school districts in the county came to the Y, the week of school vacation for Easter.

Typical schedule:

  • Start at 8:00
  • End later afternoon
  • Example 3 buses show up at 8 am, with 20 students a piece, continue all day.

My first job at age 10, was to work with the more timid kids.  I got the kids that were too scared to leave the locker room or shower into the shallow end of the pool.  I would go under water and blow bubbles.  I told them they had to put their face in the water to tell them something important.  I got them to push of the edge of the pool and glide.  I showed them it was fun to be in the water.  In subsequent years I progressed in responsibilities to the point I was the lead instructor, when I was 16

YMCA and AAU age group swimming

  • YMCA Junior Leader – assisted in teaching and taught swimming lessons

As a young teen, I would leave school and go to the Y. 

  • I would help or teach swimming lessons from 3:30 to 6:00 PM. 
  • Swim Practice started at 6:30.
  • It was 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, in the pool, doing something swimming related.

Age 14+

  • AAU swimming
  • 300 + days a year doing some sort of swimming

Age 16 + 17

  • Watertown High School Swimming
  • I swam the 100 yard Breaststroke, Butterfly and the 400 yard Individual Medley (100 yards Backstroke, 100 breast stroke, 100 yards Butterfly, 100 yards Freestyle).

State University of New York at Albany

Certified “Water Safety Instructor”  – college level course*

CPR, basic first aid, water rescue techniques, course work on lake and ocean beach conditions etc.

(*At that time, there was no standard for the Red Cross and other organizations.  Canada had a program called become a Water Safety Instructor that was geared towards certifying the graduates as being able to teach life guarding.)

Lifeguard at a local pool.

Additional Info

I snorkel and scuba dive. When we snorkel, we wear full body sun suits, and stay in the water for hours. Almost 100 scuba dives as of may 2021. When I was 39, I trained to pass the entrance exam for the navy seals. Almost made it. I rested for at least 15 minutes between events. In the real world, the time between events is at the discretion of the person giving the test. I workout 2 to 4 times a week, mostly exercise bike and calisthenics. We do frequent 3 to 10 mile walks.

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