MBTA Bus Tracking

Update Oct, 2017 – MBTA – try the Transit app

I have not tested it yet, but, the MBAT likes it

When I use Nextbus or T tracker, I occasionally do not see feeds for going downtown, from Sullivan Station.  The 93 route has a regular route and once an hour, they alter the route to go through the Navy Yard.  During the day, the bus terminates the downtown run at Devonshire St @ Milk St. During the evening, the Bus ends and start from Haymarket.

I did this page to track stops, routes and look up stops:


it allows you to enter in stop_ids and routes

it logs the results to my server

it is easy to use to track the results for your bus, or your app

The source is on https://github.com/gmg   My Personal Repository – under dir mbta

I am keeping a log of a few of the anomalies here: https://garyjohnson53.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/mbta-glitches/


The results consistently only show a very limited timeframe, for example if a trip starts in less than 10 minutes, or no results at all yet the bus runs every 20 minutes or so.


Under certain circumstances, the MBTA-realtime API does not show bus predictions greater than 30 minutes.

We’re looking into why there are fewer predictions generated than expected. This combined with the 30-minute limit could cause no predictions to be returned, or predictions on only one of the route variations.


The mbta computer system is big, and sometimes when you ask it something, it is not ready to answer, completely.

What do you do?  If I get no results, try again, pretty soon, the system will answer.

If you’re trying to plan to take a bus, what do you trust, the schedule, or the feed?

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