Coding Tests

Solving a little procedural puzzle is like picking someone up at the airport, during rush hour.

Working on a computer project is like building or remodeling a house, it’s work, but you see the reward.

I am versatile.  I edit and proof read, tweak html emails, build, set up and troubleshoot hardware, build applications etc.  I call myself a full stack developer, from the front end to the database.  Every day real world coding is no problem for me.  Real world programming involves building functions, using APIs and libraries and implementing business logic.  Real world programming also does not write from scratch that which has already been written, tested and debugged. From what I can tell, most online tests are programming 101, develop an algorithm to solve some kind of statistics or pattern whacking problem that is not a real world (unless maybe you are in statistics) problem.

If you live in Boston, going to the airport at rush hour takes a LONG time and is aggravating.