The Decline of Civic Knowledge

A short clip

Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter

Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter being frighteningly prescient about the decline of civic knowledge in America and the effect of that decline on the state of our democracy.

“if something is not done to improve the level of civic knowledge, that is what you should worry about”

The full clip of the show that mentioned the clip.

I need to post this, as a precaution to all of you who sit on the sidelines and let people pollute the public discourse with unsubstantiated nonsense, with outright lies, with hate, with misinformation.  In today’s world, some people are attacking the rights of others, are attacking the environment and the concepts of good government.  We have to fight these people.

Here is a little list that I found for 4 grade students  at :

Here’s a list of 10 things you can do right
now to be a better citizen.

  1. Volunteer to be active in your community.

  2. Be honest and trustworthy.

  3. Follow rules and laws.

  4. Respect the rights of others.

  5. Be informed about the world around you.

  6. Respect the property of others.

  7. Be compassionate.

  8. Take responsibility for your actions.

  9. Be a good neighbor.

  10. Protect the environment.

4 is a little troubling.  Taken with 10, I hope you can see the problem.  To protect the environment, you have to confront those who are attacking it.  To fight against racism and sexism and xenophobia, you have to confront those people who practice it.


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