Aspect Ratios

Common Monitor Resolutions

NTSC aspect ratio of a traditional television screen is 4:3, or 1.33:1.
ATSC aspect of 16:9, or about 1.78:1.

Aspect ratios of 2.39:1 or 1.85:1 are frequently used in cinematography, while the aspect ratio of a sync-sound 35 mm film frame is 1.37:1

(also known as “Academy Aperture” ratio).

4/3 = 1.33333…    0r 3 x 1.33333 = 4

Width Height Aspect Ratio PPI 1 EM in pixels Width in EMs
640 480 1.333333333333333 4/3
800  600 1.3333333333333333 4/3 72 12 800 / 12       66.67
96 16 800 / 16       50
1024  768 1.3333333333333333 4/3 96 16 1024 / 16     64
120 20 1024 / 20     51.2
150 25 1024 / 25     40.96
1152  882 1.3061224489795917 96 16 1152 / 16     72
120 20 1152 / 20     57.6
1280  1024 1.25 5/4 96 16 1280 / 16     80
120 20 1280 / 20     64
1440  900 1.6 5/3 96 16 1440 / 16     90
120 20 1440 / 20     72
150 25 1440 / 25     57.6
1600  1200 1.3333333333333333 4/3 96 16
120 20
16  9 1.7777777777777777 16/9
4 3 1.3333333333333333 4/3
3264  2448 1.3333333333333333
3200  2400 1.3333333333333333
2560  1920 1.3333333333333333
1600  1200 1.3333333333333333
1280  960 1.3333333333333333
1024  768 1.3333333333333333


-à Fitting and image into a target resolution / aspect ratio.   Do it in pixels!

resize smaller than target and then change the canvas size to get you exact size!


Portrait Mode Native


Native Width Target Height Target Width  
Aspect 1.5 3264 2448 3264 2176 Crop right and/or left 272 pixels or 11%
Aspect 1.25 3264 2448 3060 2448 Crop top and/or bottom 204 pixels or 6%
Aspect 1.5 3264 2448 3262 2174 Crop length 14px Crop width 274  (11%)
Aspect 1.25 3264 2448 3060 2448 Crop top and/or bottom 216 or 6 %



Landscape Mode Native Height Native


Target Height Target width  
Aspect 1.5 2448 3264 2176 3264 Crop top and/or bottom 272 pixels or 11%
Aspect 1.25 2448 3264 2448 3060 Crop right and/or left 204 pixels or 6%
Aspect 1.5 2448 3264 2069 3104 Crop width 160 (5%) Crop length 379  (15%)
Aspect 1.25 2448 3264 2448 3060 Crop right and/or left 216 or 6 %


For a 4×6 or a 12×8 in portrait mode plan on losing 5% of the length

in landscape mode plan on losing 5% of the width


Picasa  – enter inches it converts to pixels!



Picture size Ratio
4 / 3 1.33
5 / 3 1.66
6 /4 1.5
7 / 5 1.4
10 / 8 1.25
12 / 8 1.5
11 / 14 1.27  Do it as 8x 10 if you have to
15 / 10 1.5
24 / 16 1.5
30 / 20 1.5




Picture size Ratio
10 / 8 1.25
10 / 9 1.1111111111111112
10 / 7 1.4285714285714286
10 / 6.5 1.5384615384615385
10 / 8 1.25
12 / 8 1.5
15 / 10 1.5
24 / 16 1.5
30 / 20 1.5



s2Message Setup Notes


They have excellent instructions and examples.  I am setting up a free membership site.  I have not looked at the capabilities for paid subscriptions.

Use 2 Browsers to set up.  Stayed logged on as administrator to make changes to s2Message on 1.  Use clear cache after making changes.  Use another browser where you are not logged on as administrator to test.  Goto and click membership to see a live example of how to sign up.

You can manage users from the dashboard using the native WordPress user tab. s2Message takes advantage of the builtin in roles and capabilities capabilities of WordPress and extends them!

The Pope on can I go to Heaven

The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone! And this Blood makes us children of God of the first class. We are created children in the likeness of God and the Blood of Christ has redeemed us all. And we all have a duty to do good. And this commandment for everyone to do good, I think, is a beautiful path towards peace. If we, each doing our own part, if we do good to others, if we meet there, doing good, and we go slowly, gently, little by little, we will make that culture of encounter: We need that so much. We must meet one another doing good. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: We will meet one another there.”


  • As quoted in “Pope at Mass: Culture of encounter is the foundation of peace” at Vatican Radio (22 May 2013)

The above is the actual quote.

This is the widely circulated “mis quote”.


Driving as a metaphor for voting

There was a good man. He did many good deeds and was a friend to many. But, he did not drive (it’s a big city thing). He said, “If I feel like driving I will”. One day, with no forethought, or practice or preparation, he gets behind the wheel. He runs up on the curb, kills a family of 4.

If you don’t think somethings important, if you don’t think that some things require practice, knowledge and skill, if you take actions without considering others, the consequences can be tragic.

Voting is like driving. A lot of people can drive, some of them are dangerous.

There Are None So Blind
As Those Who Will Not See

Powercfg shows an active remote client

Why won’t my computer go to sleep?

Check Power plans

Especially the Multimedia setting
Allow computer to sleep

I usually flip a couple of the timer settings, like minutes to sleep (example change from 30 to 25) and save the new updated profile.  Once that was all I did to fix it.

Run the Troubleshooter
Control Panel.

  • Type “Troubleshooting” in the search bar and press “Enter”.
  • In the “Troubleshooting” window, click on “View All” on the left pane.
  • Click on “Power”.
  • Click on “Advanced” and then click on “Run as Administrator”.
  • Click “Next” and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.

Follow the steps to check the network adapter powers settings:

Press Windows + X keys and click on Device Manager
Search for Network Adapter.

  • Right click on the Network Adapter that you use and click Properties.
  • Click on the Power Management tab.
  • Check the option “Allow the device to wake the computer”.
  • Click Apply and Ok to save the changes.

Got to Realtek site and see if they have a troubleshooter

Check Sling settings

Run as administrator

powercfg /requestsoverride driver srvnet system
alternate syntax

POWERCFG -requestsoverride DRIVER \FileSystem\srvnet SYSTEM

rem Windows 7 version
my runpoerconfig.bat file

rem powercfg ?

rem HID-compliant mouse
rem eHome Infrared Receiver (USBCIR)
rem HID Keyboard Device

rem run as administrator

Rem 1) Click the Start button .
rem 2 In the search box, type command prompt.
rem 3 right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
rem Powercfg -devicequery all_devices_verbose
Powercfg -LASTWAKE
rem check Power.html FileSystem\srvnet
Powercfg -devicequery wake_programmable
Powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
rem pause
rem Powercfg -DEVICEDISABLEWAKE “HID-compliant mouse”
POWERCFG -requestsoverride DRIVER \FileSystem\srvnet SYSTEM
rem [DRIVER] \FileSystem\srvnet

rem Powercfg -devicedisablewake “Microsoft USB IntelliMouse Optical (IntelliPoint)”
Powercfg -devicedisablewake “HID-compliant mouse”
Powercfg -devicedisablewake “HID-compliant mouse (001)”
POWERCFG -requestsoverride
Powercfg -devicequery wake_armed


By default, Windows 7 will attempt to prevent system standby when connected to a remote share or file. Presumably, this is to prevent any ongoing file transfers over the network from failing due to the system unexpectedly entering standby. But there are many cases where the system is connected to a remote share and it is okay to enter standby. Windows 7 includes a setting to allow the computer to enter standby, but it may be missing from the advanced power options dialog box. you can unhide the “Allow sleep with remote opens” option AND set it to Yes for three default power profiles (Balanced, High Performance, and Power Saver) in Windows 7.  Go to this link for details on how:

echo off

time /t
powercfg -requests | find ” ”
: Delay 30 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 30000 > nul
goto fooey

Primary Care – Preventive Visit – Patient Information

An email from the helpful folks at MGH about my upcoming physical:

During your upcoming preventive visit, your primary care provider may need to treat a new or a chronic problem that has changed or is worse. You may have a co-payment or deductible with your insurance plan for the additional management or treatment of the new or worsening problem(s).

Immunizations and tests (laboratory, x-rays, screening tests) may also be billed during your annual physical visit. Some tests or services may not be covered so you may have to pay coinsurance and the Medicare Part B deductible may apply.

It is important that you understand your plan’s benefits. We encourage you to learn about your health insurance benefits by calling the phone number on the back of your health insurance card, or by reviewing the website of your health insurer.

I am supposed to anticipate any new conditions that they may find as a result of my physical. I need to look up whether these conditions are covered. I need to know what tests or services are covered.  The ones I don’t know about, yet. 

It’s important that I understand this.

I need to be able to predict how sick I am going to get in order  to select the appropriate health coverage.  But, even if I select the most expensive and comprehensive coverage, there still is not guarantee I will covered

John McCain – The Restless Wave


Advice for Voters

Support  candidates who want to get things done:

“Yes, I’d rather have a few more problem solvers than purists in Washington. Their zeal may be commendable, but not, as it usually happens, terribly productive.”

“Paradoxically,” McCain writes, “voters who detest Washington, because all we do is argue and never get anything done frequently vote for candidates who are the most adamant in their assurances that they will never ever compromise with those bastards in the other party.”

“As always, more important than any political reforms is the discernment of voters. Here’s my unsolicited advice to the American voter: If a candidate for Congress pledges to ride his white horse to Washington and lay waste to all the scoundrels living off your taxes, to never work or socialize or compromise with any of them, and then somehow get them to bow to your will and the superiority of your ideas, don’t vote for that guy. It sounds exciting, but it’s an empty boast and a commitment to more gridlock.”

Gary on Privacy

I am going to write up some of my experiences with privacy and other practices for the modern world here. Here is a basic list of topics that you should have some sort of knowledge off.  Some of this is specific to MIT students, like Sophos for protective software. I use the free software for virus and malware protection by Microsoft, Windows Defender for Windows 10 and Security Essentials for Windows 7

I will be updating this:

A smart thing to do with your email and passwords

I signed up for in April of 2018. It is the European Union’s free app to help you manage your privacy. I am going to see how this works with the Ghostery extension that I use.

For all of these items there are exceptions and over rides that people need to take. You will probably have to trust, that means over ride and exempt your financial and other institutions in the privacy software that you use.

There are many more knowledgeable people and organizations than me.  I will try and give a quick overview of what I take away from some of these more knowledgeable resources.

Number 1

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Protection Agency

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center

For Computer Professionals
One of my goto resources for over 20 years

+Privacy Whitelisting

A1) Goto Dashboard

on adblocking tab click the “filter settings” button
a2) click on the +P icon

If it it says adss blocked by this site. click it to say

x Ads not blocked by this site.

Ghostery WhiteListing

Browse to the site you want to Whitelist, click the Ghostery Icon, click trust site

+Privacy My Settings

Goto Dashboard
Ad blocking and Anti Tracking

I turned off Block Ads, some sites need advertising money.
I turned off Protect against Tracking, that’s what I use Ghostery for

At this time, I am using +Privacy to help me manage my social media settings.