Feature Request for Contacts – Stock Android

This URL for this request is at: https://garyjohnson53.wordpress.com/2019/10/08/feature-request-for-contacts/

Update Nov 11, 2019

I made some Project Fi support requests and posted questions on the Google Fi support forum before I wrote this.  To my suprise, I found this setting in the Google Fi app on my phone.  Select Spam and blocked numbers,  Block spam calls.  We shall see how this works. If it allows phone calls from people not in my contacts, like some Doctors, Acquaintances and others, that will be great.  I think it still would be a good idea to have a seperate ringtone for calls that the number is not in my contacts, but this, hopefully, will make my life better.

My Moto X4 shows the:
Phone app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.dialer)
and the
Contacts App ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.contacts  to be from Google LLC.

This information was obtained by opening the app, (example Contacts) Left Menu – Help and Feedback – Right Menu – View in Google Play Store.

My carrier is Google Fi.

My system:

Device Name: moto x4
Sim status: Google Fi
Software Variant: google_fi
Software Channel: retus
Android version: 9
Build number: PPW29.69-39-6
Contacts Version @2019 Google Inc.
A lot of open source licenses

In the Terms of service, it says you may need a google account to use some services. My phone contacts synch with my Google Gmail account and I see them at: https://contacts.google.com/

More on Gmail and Android Contacts integration at:

Maybe there is some coordination needed between the apps and the carrier to make this requested functionality available.  Maybe the automobile options might need tweaking.  Contacts are integrated with the Phone app, the Messages app, DUOHangouts, the  Gmail app and other apps can use the functionality through APIs. We note that care must be taken not to interfere with any existing functionality.  Other apps or services might need to changed to fulfil this request. Other apps or services might want to incorporate similar types of features.  If the phone makers are given the default functionality, it will be better for all of us.  Please adjust, expand and forward this request as necessary.

Please implement and integrate the following in the Google Contact and Phone apps:

1. Create the capability to set a default ringtone for everybody in your contacts

2. Set a different default ringtone (system) for any number not in contacts.

3. Optionally and in addition, set a default ringtone for calls already identified as spam.

4. Create another capability to set another custom ringtone for people in a group (or with a label)

5. Keep the option to create a custom ringtone for any individual, no matter what group they are in. 

6. Option 5 overrides option 4.  Option 4 overrides option 1. 


Identify calls from people you know.

The primary reason I am pushing for this is I just had a situation where one of my neighbors called me.  She was scared, there was someone at her door that would not go away.  I ignored her call, because, most of the calls I get are spam. People rely on other people. Please give us the capability to set an auditory clue as to the caller, not just a visual one.  It is wonderful that Google has implemented phone calling spam detection techniques.  This request makes that implementation better. 

Having the ability to have a separate ringtone for people in you contacts and another for non-contacts makes reacting to spam calls a lot better.  Think of moms with babies, people walking around without their phone on them, because they are home.  People in the shower etc.  Think about the blind and visually impaired.

Where are we now:

My research shows no easy way to do this.  You can set a ringtone for a contact, but, not a group.



If there is a macro / scripting / automated solution, can someone please tell me about it? The above link has a suggestion; however, it is tied to an event and a single contact. It is really inadequate.

It is not a significant task to create these requested features. The core functionality already exists.

Some additional notes on implementation:

Add to Settings

Enable Advanced Custom Ringtones
Default Ringtone for Contacts
Default Ringtone for non Contacts

Some additional logic

Check and warn if (Enable Advanced Custom Ringtones and [a member of multiple groups]

Check and warn if trying to delete a ringtone that is used.

If ringtone cannot be found, use a system default ringtone.

My Moto x4 with stock contacts has the label feature.  Option 4 might use the ability to set a custom ringtone for that label. Can a contact have multiple labels?  In some instances, like sending emails using the label, this would be desirable. It would not be desirable to have a contact have multiple ringtones.  If creating a label for a group of contacts, if one of the members of the group already has one or more labels, pop a message that says, this contact is in the group (label) and you are over riding the label ringtone.  Would it be desirable to use the default as the existing label ringtone or use the new label ringtone? Other details on this would need to be defined.  For example: would it be desirable to identify and keep any individual contact ringtone already set, if trying to set a label ringtone.

Suggestions on Ringtones – what you hear

example chirpy for contacts
plodding for non contacts

Use different instruments, pitches, very different tones for different groups.  This request is independent of the actual ringtone used; however, it might be desirable to provide defaults that are very easy to remember and identify.

Would it be possible to have different types of vibrations?

Not implementing this type of feature will from now on be referred to as the Boeing 737 plan.

Dear Google product experts, please refrain from telling me your suggestions, unless you have a concrete way of accomplishing these requests.  This feature may require some implementation by the phone manufacturer, but most of the core functionality I am requesting can be encapsulated in the Google Contacts app.

One of the core reasons I use Google Fi, is that you get a pure Google Android experience. If you know of another place to submit this request, please advise.  It has been suggested from the help and feedback on my phones Contact app and sent to apps-help@google.com and requested through Google Fi support.  if you like this idea, please do the same!

Please also see:


I have not locate the source for the Google Contacts app. Is the contact app open source?

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