Facebook API opt out? Here are alternatives to Share?

A work in progress

My objective is to show folks (if you know what grep is, you can stop reading ) who have opted out of the Facebook API (but are still members of Facebook) a way to share things on Facebook (and elsewhere easily).  TSS (The Short Story) is grap the link of the page you want to share and paste into the make post on Facebook. Really, it is that simple.

If you have opted out of the Facebook API, you can no longer:

  • Login to sites using login with Facebook
  • Hit the Share on Facebook button on sites
  • I have to test to see if its the same for the Like Button
  • You can’t take quizzes and surverys
  • You can’t play games
  • You can’t share directly etc from connected Social Media sites like Instagram

You can still use Facebook.  If you opt out, you decrease Facebook’s ability to track you.

This link will tell you how to opt out of the Facebook API Opt out.

It is important to remind folks that they are being actively data mined (tracked).  See Gary on Privacy and on Smart Things to do with your email.

One  of the first option that came to mind was bookmarklets.  A search for this “bookmarklet for facebook share” showed a number of options.  A lot of things you will see are like the the one Facebook offers at:


When I tested it, I complained that I had opted out.  No help.

An awful lot of the time, what you want to share to Facebook is a link to a page that you have seen.   When you see a share button, often times it is just a link to a page.

In the following examples, I show what you see when you analyze the Facebook share buttons etc. When you see stuff like this  https%3A%2F%2F , it gets translated  to text as  https://.     %3a  is ascii code in hex for :  and %2F  is ascii code in hex for /.  

Go here: https://states.aarp.org/aarp-launches-operation-stop-scams-with-events-in-communities-nationwide/  This is a link to a AARP web pages offering free shredding events across the country.

This is the code for the Facebook share button om that AARP page.  It is a link that lets facebook API handle the posting:

http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fstates.aarp.org%2Faarp-launches-operation-stop-scams-with-events-in-communities-nationwide%2F&t=AARP+Launches+%E2%80%9COperation%3A+Stop+Scams%E2%80%9D  +with+Events+in+Communities+Nationwide

Let us break the code into 3 sections.  The first part lets the facebook share {http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php) handle the posting of the link to your feed.

The the second part, is the link that you post.

u=https%3A%2F%2Fstates.aarp.org%2Faarp-launches-operation-stop-scams-  with-events-in-communities-nationwide%2F ( same as what you see for Go here above, with the % stuff translated into real stuff)  

The third part is parameters that lets the ARRP know some info we don’t care about.

&t=AARP+Launches+%E2%80%9COperation%3A+Stop+Scams%E2%80%9D+  with+Events+in+Communities+Nationwide.

So the Simplest Option :

Just copy the link {it is usually visible in your browser search bar, found at the the top}from the page you want to share and paste that link into Facebook’s make post (What is on your mind).  Let me google that for you.

I will be researching other options that people want to share and coming up with ways to share that do not require Facebook Opt in.

Here is a really simple Bookmarklet that copies the url to a pop up box that you can copy the url from.

Copy the line below


and 1) create a new bookmark 2, paste the code into the link or url field, give it any name you want

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