Google Fi and a leap backwards 40 years

I have bitches about the Fi service.  I never had an iPhone, so I can’t compare it to, say Verizon / Apple service.  I can say, the phones are fantastic, the price is good, the service is responsive.  I would probably not switchy for anything else.

If you want a good phone and service:

For each friend you refer as a new subscriber, we’ll credit you both $20 after they’ve been active for 30 days. Terms and conditions apply.

Wifey and I have Google Project Fi phones.  Google did a fantastic and game changing  job of scaring the other mobile vendors into cutting their costs.

It really was a fantastic thing.

In a leap back of around 40 years:

1) You cannot use a Google Fi phone, to retrieve voicemail from another Google Fi number.

I have just learned that I can get access to voicemail from the Project Fi website. Its called “Google Voice”. If you search for “get my voicemail for Project Fi” through google, you will not find it.

2) I killed my phone, I suspended my service.  The message you get when you try and call me is, “Sorry, we cannot complete this call as this time.  Please try again later”

Well, if you wait 10 days or so, that will be true; but for now, no.  No way to change it.  At least the “phone” company would say, that number is out of service or temporarily unavailable.

3) I have had a number of other bitches about the Fi service.  Do you think google keeps a record of my email service requests?  No.  When it suits them, they can store every key click I have ever made.  If I wanted to go back and point out that; here are a few things you might think about changing, nope, no record.


If I ask Ok Google on my phone just about anything coherent, I get a really good response. Its baffling how brilliant, and how clueless, Google can be.

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