Windows 10

A work in progress

Intel HD Graphics

The Intel HD graphic icon can dispear; however, whenyou right click on a empty area of the desktop, you should see options for “graphic properites” and “graphic options”.  One of these has the option to restore the tray for “Intel HD graphics” to the tray.

If you want to use Dolby 5.1 with netflix, make sure you have a entry for HD sound under realtek


Windows Anniversary Update

More integration with the Microsoft world.  I accepted the express settings and set my default location.  I will write here if I find anything egregious in the access. Given Google tracks so much, and if you have a smartphone, your tracked already, I am not overly concerned.  If you are concerned about your privacy, run Ubuntu or the Tails os If you think you can run windows and/or chrome and stop Mickeysoft or THEGOOGLE, and every website you visit from tracking you, you may be delusional.

They changed the left start menu by adding and breaking out a few more things.  NBD.

Windows Defender is no more visible.  I see it on my status bar

Windows Dark Theme: Settings app. Go to Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors. In the main part of the Settings screen, scroll down to the bottom and under “Choose your app mode” select the Dark radio button.

I am running the dark theme with a black background. Windows settings and Control Panel items are still confusing. For example, right click on the desktop and hit personalization and Control Panel personalization are different. CP has themes, which is different than the theme stuff mentioned above.

Right Click on the Windows Icon, bottom left corner, it shows you a context menu of the most frequently used systems stuff, like Control Panel, Event Viewer, Device Manager, File Explorer, Cmd prompt etc

Security Essentials is now Windows Defender

Disk Cleanup is now in Windows Administrative Tools

Windows Store – get Windows DVD Player or another app that plays DVDs. Provided your PC has an optical disc drive, Windows DVD Player will play DVD movies (but not Blu‑ray Discs).

Auto Play and  DVD Playback is different

Insert CD
Open File Explorer
Right Click on your CD drive
Choose Auto Play
Chose Play DVD

or select Windows Dvd player from all programs

Solitaire is different

Play Solitaire in Your Browser

or Search for “Chrome Web Store”
(in Chrome)
Search For Solitaire, Choose one to install in your Chrome Browser

A collection of a lot of versions of Solitaire

If you do not want to use a microsoft account to log in, Got to All Settings – Accounts and change how you log in. As of Jul 2016, I use a pin to logon inot my machine.  I still have my microsoft accunt associated with the machine.

Windows after version 8 have a different screen layout design to accommodate mobile and tablet devices.  Sometimes (especially in settings) you find you have to scroll down to find everything that’s part of a section.

File History replaced Windows Backup in Windows 8, and Windows 10 makes one of its better features—version histories for files you’ve altered—even more accessible.

Add a disk or leave a usb drive connected.



Control Panel -> Programs may have a different list of installed programs than Action Center -> Right Click -> All Settings -> System -> Apps and features.  Some things you get from the Store, (what you get to when you click on store from the apps list ) are called apps, not programs.  So if you looking for a program or app, sometimes you have to check both places

Run the troubleshooter for Windows apps


Of interest

Windows 10’s Game DVR tool is designed to capture your PC gaming glories, but you can actually use it to save videos from any open Windows app or desktop program.

Links for your browser.  The online file sharing offered by microsoft, Google and Dropbox is awesome.  I keep onedrive and google drive in status area.  I often have to share and change settings for these services.  The following links allow you to change your settings, and in dropbox’s case, add files by dragging and dropping onto the browser window.

Online Data

Google Photos


Ghosts and Gremlins

On Jul 26, I started getting “cannot log in to group policy master” error message.  I rebooted a couple of times, same thing.   Before this, I had deleted a few old usb devices from device manager and had run my powercfg.bat routine.  It was 85 ° in the house.  Okay, I boot up Jul 27, problem gone.   I had searched around saw people doing a registry fix to get around this. I did nothing to fix this, it fixed itself, of the gremlin moved on.

Your Computer is Haunted – xkcd