SANE – Scanner Access Now Easy

If you are a Windows or MAC user, your ASOL if you want to use an old scanner.  The manufacturers don’t support updated drivers for the new operating systems.  If your a linux user,you head over to  So far, I am hitting 2 for 2.

I wnt here  I installed sane.  I plugged in 2 old scanners. I was able to scan with both of them.

SANE is a universal scanner interface.  The linux guys do some really smart things.

I use Ubuntu as one of my computer operating systems.  Ubuntu makes linux easy.

(BTW They used to have a forum called the Absolute Beginners Forum.  IMHO, it was the BEST computer resource forum.  The best.  I can’t comment on the new incarnation, new to ubuntu, mostly because the Absolute Beginners Forum was such a big help, I have not had to post a question in years.)