How I got my money back from Cingular Wireless

Deidrie Buchanan
Utilities Division, Public Protection Bureau
Office of the Attorney General
200 Portland Street
Boston, MA 02114

Dear Ms Buchanan:

We have received your correspondence concerning our complaint against Cingular Wireless. We have received the refund we were due. I am not sure what caused Cingular to give us our money. Was it the repeated phone calls? Was it the letters we wrote them. Was it the 30 day demand letter we sent them? We took these extraordinary steps because we continued to get conflicting, ambiguous and contradictory responses from the company. In our case, the matter is settled. Based on my experience, I would be very sympathetic to other consumers having problems with Cingular. I do not find the company credible.

Gary & Anne Doherty Johnson

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